Assange as the Stainless Steel Rat

David Honig dahonig at
Thu Jan 6 18:15:51 PST 2011

At 08:33 AM 1/6/2011 -0500, John Young wrote:
>Assange wants his fortune just as much as publishers and journalists 
>and the rest of us do. The nobility of getting information to the public
>untainted by venality is ridiculous -- even as PR it is rancid bacon. 

Frankly ridiculuous, JA must realize that only ideological motivations are
robust enough for his purposes.  Actually, religion would be sufficient
motivation as well, but all the clueful are atheists.

One must have a day job, semiretired architect, say, so that one can pursue
one's own noble ideals.  Mozart had to tutor and perform and otherwise sell
his time so he could do what he wanted.  I won't speculate on JA's personal
finances but intelligent people capable of controlling their environment
are always valuable.
I'll mention Gilmore and May as examples of selfish-atruistic-techsaints.
and Assange will be discussed this way, one day. 

On the Daniel <---> JA axis of access-to-leaks I look forward to those more
brazen than JA who don't bother with protecting (US) Collaborators and
other collateral damage.  Daniel, by offering material only to MSM, is a
If MSM were adequate there would be no niche for cryptome, WL, or Daniel's

WL's current trickle is a disgrace.  Open the pod bay doors, Hal.

who'd you rather?  Ardin or Wilen?  

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