CDR Howto (WIP)

Riad S. Wahby rsw at
Wed Jan 5 12:52:33 PST 2011


Twelve hours (or maybe three years, depending who you are) later than
promised, here's the first cut at the CDR howto:

Getting it all set up on your end is not terribly difficult. In fact, in
the past I've cobbled together other implementations where everything
was dispatched through procmail filtering on the Received header (the
list ran that way in 2004 for a month or two), so feel free to riff on
the basic config as long as you don't break anything at the boundary.

The part we have to redesign is the way CDR nodes share their subscriber
lists / maintain a common whitelist. In the past this was done with
Majordomo "who", but I think it's a bad idea to enable this.

I propose instead that each node push its local subscription list to the
other nodes, possibly PGP signed to defend against the obvious attack
whereby massive amounts of garbage can be injected into the whitelist
with very little effort. (Yes, someone can still subscribe a massive
number of addresses to a node, but such activity has less leverage and
will draw attention.)

I'll put together the appropriate scripts tonight(ish), and once someone
else has a node set up we can do some testing and put the D back in CDR.



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