Assange as the Stainless Steel Rat

John Young jya at
Tue Jan 4 07:04:42 PST 2011

What might be most enviable about Julian is that he has held
few if any jobs to distract him from exploring personal philosophy 
and to plot great conquests and become very rich. 

During the twenty years from about 18 to 38, he has managed to 
obtain food, shelter, clothing, child care payments, health care, 
expenses for travel and entertainment, laptops and network 
service, and a motorbike for 2-3 years of globe circling -- perhaps
setting up a network of cohorts. (He described his itinerary on
this noble forum in 2001.) 

Nothing unusual about this off-the-grid lifestyle among hackers.
Like a lot of thoughtful humans not convinced steady work for
bosses is a good thing, they do have a knack for avoiding regular 

Some speculate they sell their hacker fruits of network (TOR, DoD,
et al) siphoning on the black market, or extort payments from targets 
to return material or to not report nasty info to the authorities or news 
media -- or most profitable, to gin up the bidding for stolen data 
among competitors. Say, the Bank of America ploy, "hard drive"
certified, fool.

Those not adept at keeping income coming this way, can pick up 
a few thousands ratting on other hacker-entrepreneurs to the authorities, 
or best, to commercial spies who extort the ratee for information 
then mark it up as their own product.

These techniques appear to be in full flower with Wikileaks and its
desparate MSM partners, agog fans and penny-ante sock-puppets, 
but are hardly restricted to the newbie initiative. Businesses have 
alwayes used the same tawdry practices to assure profitability to 
the bosses, to screw the workers and investors, and the methods 
are taught in business schools and fine-tuned in lawyers and 
publicist-cum-journalists' conference rooms. 

The deals negotiated among WL and the MSM will make great reading
in the slacker colleges someday but not so long as they are laying
golden eggs. Off the grid is where the real money flows. As is often
yelled in this very iniquitous den.

It must have been said somewhere in blatherdom that Assange's model 
is Zuckenberg not Harry the Rat. He is likely in touch with Goldman and
JP Morgan and the giants of Europe and Asia to get bid on the BoA wad 
and the others in his sample kit. Think about what he's got, or says he's
got on the globe's tax authorities.

Nobody here knows anything about this despite what the archives
reveal. Those are forgeries.

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