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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sun Feb 27 08:50:10 PST 2011

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 08:50:52AM -0500, James Vasile wrote:
> I've read through *every* email the FreedomBox Foundation has received  
> since its inception (and replied to almost all of them).  This is a  
> very passionate, skilled and creative community, and I enjoyed hearing  
> your ideas and plans quite a bit.  I filed as much of it as away I  
> could so we'll be able to give a report to our for future tech lead  
> (s/he'll know for example that by far the most mentioned feature was  
> mesh networking), but mostly I was reading to get an aggregate idea of  
> what people seek in this project.
> You might also be interested to know that we received contact from
> people of diverse backgrounds-- it wasn't all technologists.  I find
> that encouraging, and I hope you do too.

Is that stream of emails public accessible somewhere?  If not, why?

> One thing that suprised me was the number of requests for Bitcoin  
> support.  What this support consists of wasn't much specified in the  
> emails.  Still, just for the sake of my own personal curiosity, I'd  
> like to ask you all: does Bitcoin matter to you?  How would the Freedom  
> Plug support it?

It is packaged for Debian, available in untable (Sid) and testing  

Being rather new, also as upstream code, it certainly could use some  
actual crash-testing, though:  Please anyone interesting in shipping this 
in future FreedomBoxen strongly consider installing the Debian package 
yourself on your own machines, play with it, and file bugreports about any 
and all issues you run across with it.

> In the interest of not being an information bottleneck, if you have
> questions about the content of those emails, I'll try to answer them.

I find it odd having you (or anyone - not personal) proxy in the first  

  - Jonas

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