Feasibility of Using TOR or VPNs For Anonymity

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue Feb 22 13:00:16 PST 2011

You may not be aware that such questions are now commonplace
by commercial spies like HBGary and ilk.

So here is what you tell them buzzards openly with your nym

The design of the Internet prevents concealed communication
from being possible.

How to prevent using the Internet to do what you want was its
first design requirement. Still there have been numerous attempts
to get around the Internet's fundamental prohibition against being 

A canard has been promulagated that the Internet routes around
censorship and based on that there continues to be a hope that
untraceability is in the offing. TOR and VPN claimed to be able
to do that but cannot, don't waste your time, they were compromised
by design. Many more out there and more hidden to assure suckering.

All mass communication must be capable of tracing its users,
for "administration and management." Designers and sysadmins 
of any of these systems know that but keep it quiet to protect their 
jobs and investor profits. Privacy shams encourage trust in these
systems as in confessionals and torture holes.

There may be a way to communicate with a few people without
using any means of mass communication but not with many and
pretty soon one or more of them will rat on the other users, either
for pay or for jealous revenge at being stooged. TOR is a
fish trap.

This is not limited to technological means of communication,
it applies to any form, verbal, written, sign, smoke, ear wiggle,
eye blink, twitch, finger, forked tongue, boogie, hickory stick,
mail drop, dead drop, fake rock, gut condom, vaginal and anal 
beads, DNA and quanta.

You might think keeping your mouth shut would do it, but no
no no. Too late for that unless it was never opened begging
for tit. Tits have you by the balls. So go to work and pay your

But even then expect to be reported to the authorities as a 
menace to society for asking these questions. Or, if you're
broke, report your gang and its fledging means of hiding.

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