Decentralizing the Internet So ...

John Young jya at
Thu Feb 17 10:28:54 PST 2011

Whatever it is or turns out to be it will be carefully and meticulously
legal. No crossing the line into criminality or the organizer will have
to shop your ass in accord with governmental regulations governing 
the practice of law sometimes laughingly called the bar.

There is a decent-sized legal and financial (they always sleep together)
industry of setting up non-profits to advance alluring agendas. All 
legal and financially accountable as determined by inscrutible
taxation laws and those who sell scrutibility by the unlimited hours.

The schemes cover the broad spectrum of left, moderate, right, extreme,
covert, deceptive, manipulative, hit and run, offshore, out of this
world, you want your very own why no problem provide retainer
sign here be in touch soon. Head for the tracks to leverage for
three lovers want their dues.

Anybody with over $500,000 to squander, and they all need to do
that or Uncle takes a big bite, is incessantly proffered opportunities
to fund a perfect fit for the psychopathology used to attain the
wealth and to battle the accompanying terror of losing it to
another psycho like the government or the latest bedmate
of amazing understanding of the greeder's weakness due to
being a world class shit.

The Internet has upchucked thousands of these NGO 
facilitators who spam conferences, mail lists, chat rooms, 
dinners, panels, and oddball conclaves of wealth managers
all seeking to promote goodness to bad guys with a foot
in the grave, they are reminded unctuously, would you not
like to consider a heritage to whiten your name.

One way to fend off these leeches is to ask about their
fee, not the pro bono sham, the fees for lecturing, drafting
incorporation papers, sitting on boards, doing due diligence
(be very afraid of due diligence for that will get you jail
time, tell'em Jim Bell), defending and offending in court, 
publishing how-tos, escrowing bribes and alimony,
the usually panoply of self-dealing in guise of public
benefit, uh, protecting the client.

Another way to fend off these bloodsuckers is to ask for
advice on how to engage in criminal "public benefit."
Whoa, he says, whoa, whoa, now way. I could be disbarred
for that. You say, what would be your fee to cover
that risk. Excuse me, she will say, I need to step out for
a moment. You hear a dime dropping. Not calling the
cops, calling a financial advisor.

None of this applies to jail house lawyers or pro se.

Anybody heard from Jim Bell? Not a peep heard here
in his third go around. Is he being Bradley Manning'd?

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