Weekend Gedankenexperiment - The Kill Switch

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue Feb 8 04:14:03 PST 2011

At 10:34 AM 2/8/2011 +0100, you wrote:
>----- Forwarded message from Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu -----
>The real question isn't "If they shut you down, can you restart?".
>The real question is "If they shut you down, can you restart in a way that
>avoids them attempting a second shutdown with a bullet?"

Better than a bullet is to restart in a deal with the authorities
to watch and log the traffic, in the Tor model, in the ATT model,
in the Oracle model, in the Microsoft model, the models of
Google, Mozilla, Intel, NGOs, Wikileaks, news media,
hackers, freedom fighters, cryptographers, coders, anybody 
needing to make a living rather than serve a cause for thrills, 
fun and begging for a bed and rot gut victuals.

Far better than inviting a bullet is to shop your comrades, 
become a covert agent of the counterrevolution, actually a 
celebrated hero of the revolution itself defying authority, 
showing amazing courage, downplaying losses and collateral
damage and dispensing a dose of informant poison here 
and there to quell internal dissent and boost reliability
with those running and funding the operation.

If not a turncoat hero then a pre-positioned second in 
command to watch and log the all too trusting hero, manage 
the finances, keep keys to the secrets, arrange recordable
pleasurable enticements to sway the hero in the pre-planned
direction, that is, right into a carefully constructed trap where 
a hero's only choice will be to play along or get exposed as a 
insanely vainglorious, self-serving, money-grubbing, child 
rapist to be soon dead with a vile disease.

This is described in the tell all books appearing left and 
right and center.

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