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Fri Feb 4 13:26:27 PST 2011

On 2/4/11 3:40 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 03, 2011 at 04:10:00PM -0800, Tom Higgins wrote:
>> Re Mesh - I have been mucking with it for many years and reading about
>> it even longer. Seems solutions for getting what appears a group that
> Fun fact: a local /64 is fully enough to encode lat/long/alt
> (24, 24, 16 bit) with about 2 m resolution. Add some minor
> LSB bit jiggling and DAD, and you've gots yourself a rather
> robust address allocation scheme that allows you to know where

Can you write up a spec for that?  A few lines of code?

> you are, and mutal local node mapping. You can either store
> it verbatim, or as deviation from idealicity. Implement long-distance
> links by VPN tunnels initially.
> Any current WiFi embedded is plenty capable of that.
There are a couple main types of use cases for this kind of capability:
A) emergency situations of various types like the Egypt blackout and
B) getting communication and sharing working in more misc. ambient conditions (poor coverage in a building, on the train, etc.).

There is a big use case for this that will give it a workout that is sort 
of a simulation of the first of these and with a good need for the second: 
Burning Man.  Many people in a refugee-like camp, no commercial wireless or 
land line, a desire to communicate in various ways, a high percentage of 
techies with smart phones, all running an experiment for a week.  Seems 
like a perfect testing ground.  We have 6 months to be ready.

I hereby declare project: "Egyptian Light" (to counter blackouts everywhere 
;-) ).  The point of this is to shamelessly combine every existing 
technology that provides a piece of this and then fill in the missing 
Even better:
Chons - "Egyptian god of light in the night... he also held the titles 
Embracer, Pathfinder, and Defender, as he was thought to watch over night 
travelers. As the god of light in the night, Chons was invoked to protect 
against wild animals, increase male virility, and to aid with healing."

chons.org is now registered.  Now, how is it pronounced??

There has been plenty of work with open source cell networks, etc.  I 
haven't seen anything usable about hand-held mesh and/or store and forward 
capability yet.  Ideally, you'd use bluetooth when in close proximity, with 
Wifi / cell for uplink, with Wifi also being used for wider proximity 
connections.  The store and forward capability could be kind of cool.  
Limit it to SMS-like messages, enforce flow control, then floodcast, 
possibly with fuzzy geo-routing, as necessary for both unicast and 
broadcast messages.  Get all roving vehicles to run store and forward 
nodes.  Include time synchronization, then implement radio control for 
prairie dog activation for both battery conservation and channel 

The biggest hurdle will be security, including detecting and defeating jamming and spoofing of various types.

I'm most interested in an Android solution that will work on most devices.  
Not only are they easier to hack, more open, easier to run untrusted apps, 
etc., but some of us are building a collection of obsolete devices that 
would be cool to use for this.

Unfortunately, my pattern is full for a bit.  But before BM2011, hopefully it will be far along.


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