[liberationtech] How SOPA's 'circumvention' ban could put a target on Tor

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On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 02:28:09PM -0500, lilbambi at gmail.com wrote 1.6K bytes in 43 lines about:
: How SOPA's 'circumvention' ban could put a target on Tor
: http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-57346592-281/how-sopas-circumvention-ban-could-put-a-target-on-tor/
: A little-noticed section of the Stop Online Piracy Act could make it
: illegal to distribute Tor and other software that can "circumvent"
: attempts by the U.S. government to block pirate Web sites.

Clearly putting the word 'tor' in your article generates
pageviews. There's the extreme position for the pageviews and then
there's reality. 

If Tor was marketed as a way to explicitly defeat the SOPA provisions,
if SOPA is passed as is, and if the US Attorney General's office comes
after Tor for specifically marketing Tor as a way to defeat the DNS
censorship of a blocked url in the US, then perhaps Declan is correct.

Even Wendy's blog post mentioned in Declan's blog post is full of 'could'
and 'if' statements. I take Declan's post with a huge grain of salt.

In some bizarre world where the First Amendment of the US Constitution
is gutted, then Tor falling under SOPA is the least of our concerns.

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