[liberationtech] Network Surveillance: Access Control, Transparency, Power and Circumvention in the 21st Century

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Wed Dec 14 08:26:42 PST 2011

Probably coincidental that so many of these surveillance conferences
are taking place as official-commercial-advocacy-institutional 
(gov-com-org-edu) surveillance funding has become more widely
distributed in clear and in dark.

"Honey trap" is unfair to these good-hearted initiatives which would
likely deny, quasi-truthfully, that they are unwitting tools to siphon ideas,
means and methods, names and biometrics -- and recruit talented
rodents to feed security vultures.

Talented rats could siphon in return and a share the entrailed muck
despite NDAs and secrecy agreements. But will not happen
once the ingested perqs are channeled into feed to shit to sewer to 
befouled landscape. Paranoia is big biz gov-com-org-edu contamination.

ISS lays it on the table, spying and anti-spying are wonderfully 
enriching, spread suspicion.

Others might ignore the polite invitations to herd into paranoia feeding 
pens. Starve the befoulers underwriting them. 

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>Subject: [liberationtech] Network Surveillance: Access Control, Transparency,
>	Power and Circumvention in the 21st Century
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>FYI this workshop may be of interest to list members:
>The workshop bNetwork Surveillance: Access Control, Transparency, Power
>and Circumvention in the 21st Centuryb will be held on February 7, 2012
>in Toronto as part of the iConference 2012.
>Pervasive networking and the development of powerful methods of
>analyzing data moving over networks is making surveillance more
>prevalent in everyday life. This international workshop on Network
>Surveillance is a joint event organized by four universities in Canada
>and the U.S.
>We would like to invite scholars, professionals, and activists to
>critically discuss contemporary network surveillance technologies and
>their implications for privacy, security, political power and Internet
>governance. These dialogues will be guided by four distinct themes:
>Access Control, Transparency, Power and Circumvention.
>For further information on this workshop, please
><http://networksurveillance.wordpress.com/>, see our flyer here:
>http://bit.ly/uObnoa.To register for this workshop go
>Masashi Nishihata
>Research Manager, Citizen Lab
>Munk School of Global Affairs
>University of Toronto
>Web: http://www.citizenlab.org
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