[liberationtech] iPhones/iPads secretly track 'scary amount' of?your movements

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Thu Apr 21 05:04:00 PDT 2011

At 01:07 PM 4/21/2011 +0200, you wrote:
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This verges on being an apologia for the privacy violators, to find
a fix rather than burn their carcasses with huge fines, bans from
the industry and prison sentences as sometimes happens in other
cases of egregious, prolonged public transgressions based on
deception and secrecy.

Finding techical fixes is like adjusting oversight of misbehavior
in lobbying, finance, politics, war, tyranncy and abuse of innocents. 
The warfighters, torturers, techies and their sleazy lawyers protect 
their own interests in watering down punishment into gentle 
remonstrances, yet more lying privacy policies from gov, com,
edu and org.

Privacy transgression by peddlers of devices and programs is
an epidemic, like tobacco and drugs, and should be treated with 
powerful antidotes not mere misleading label warnings and wrist
slaps which leave the door wide open for endless tiny adjustments
in evasion of responsibility -- all too often concealed by the wizards
who can spot a fault, raise hell about it, and then what, well, offer
the violator a chance to hire the spotter as a security expert, donate 
to a security and privacy org, pretend remorse and regret, and move 
onto even more insidious campaigns to cheat the customer.

Programmers, like weapons designers, know exactly what they
are doing to the gullible public, no matter a few dissidents clanging
warning bells now and then, get noticed, get hired, get a contract,
disappear into the morass of ignobility keeping quiet and enjoying
the benefits of being well-paid, bribed into quietitude, insiders.

Spying and data gathering are never done by the bosses but by
the operators of systems who cowardly conceal their essential
role, coutured in NDAs and secrecy pacts. Sorry sons of bitches, 
all of them, and their pipsqueak calls for techical fixes is pure shit
coutured in "realism" about the necessity of every more hurtful
inventions to counter those allegedly doing the same for the "other 
side," the competitor, those who will do it if we don't.

Venality, see it for what it is, a moneymaker wrapped in a costume
of public service.

Your generous contribution to ours would be a real deal bold
name maker in the vein of Apple, MS, Intel, DoD, God, et al.

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