Looking for the man that completes me!

Tani service at creation-marcel.de
Sun Apr 10 10:51:44 PDT 2011

Hello, Frank

I feel like I am a little lost kitten. I don't have a strong man's shoulder to lay on. I am writing to you as I
want to find a husband to live all life with him only!
I want to open my heart to my man, to give myself to him, to support him every day and to build happiness together,
walking along the life way hand in hand... I miss badly the wonderful romantic moment when a man is whispering the
words of tenderness into woman's ears, when she is holding his strong hand and looking into his smart eyes and they
both feel that there is nothing around, just them... I want to be happy... If you want to correspond with me, please
write http://love-is-a-click.net
Looking forward to get a letter from you

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