[liberationtech] Internet censorship law stopped in Germany

Anne Roth annalist at riseup.net
Wed Apr 6 14:07:53 PDT 2011

Rather unexpectedly the German government decided to dump a law that was
long fought over: it introduced censoring child pornography websites
rather than legally closing them down.

This is a major success of the German movement for a free internet, and
probably a also a result of current turmoils in the liberal-conservative
government coalition - nobody expected that decision to be made at this


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*Deleting trumps blocking in fight against online child porn*

After a year of using mixed tactics to combat the spread of child
pornography online, politicians from the governing coalition in Germany
have agreed that deleting child porn sites works better than simply
blocking them.

Leading figures in Germany's governing coalition agreed on Tuesday to
permanently adopt a policy of deleting online child pornography sites
from the internet rather than simply blocking them.

A law from the previous coalition of Christian Democrats (CDU) and
Social Democrats stated that Germany would fight the spread of child
porn on the internet by blocking sites with pornographic content
involving children.

The current CDU-Free Democrats (FDP) coalition believes deleting the
sites is a better way to solve the problem and had previously announced
it would test out the policy over the course of one year. Now, the old
policy is to be lifted and the new one implemented.

The FDP was against merely blocking material because the party believed
that could open the door to wider censorship on the internet.

"Blocking online content is something that rightly elicits mistrust and
challenges," said the FDP's Justice Minister Sabine

She said the FDP had convinced the CDU that "deleting forbidden material
like child-pornographic content is really the best and most effective way."

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