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Justin Bull <justin.bull at> writes:

> As a beginner in the crypto field, I thought Tor was actually quite
> secure.  Seeing that is not the case, what is regarded as a safe,
> anonymous browsing practise?  And, as far as I know, monitoring an
> exit node only reveals the destination address, not the sender...
> Is that really a security issue?

If by "secure" you mean that the individual doing the browsing cannot
be traced, note that in any low-latency Internet access, packet timing
correlations between the parties can easily confirm any suspected
linkage.  As the Tor documentation itself states,

   ... for low-latency systems like Tor, end-to-end traffic
   correlation attacks [8, 21, 31] allow an attacker who can observe
   both ends of a communication to correlate packet timing and volume,
   quickly linking the initiator to her destination.

More difficult to trace is Internet access by email via the remailer
network.  See my "uinmyn", URL below.

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