Hooray for Wikileaks, boo for Assange

John Case case at sdf.lonestar.org
Mon Nov 29 08:49:37 PST 2010

On Sun, 28 Nov 2010, Tyler Durden wrote:

> John Young mourned the death of crypto and cypherpunks, but here we are
> precisely in a situation in which a government couldn't bomb or assassinate or
> otherwise throw some jackbooted tantrum or threat in order to get its' way.
> It's cute too that, just like "rendition", Assange and Wikileaks operate in a
> nebulous amalgam of jurisdictions. Is it illegal for them to do what they did?
> In which country? OK, what about another country and its' mirror sites? And
> could they shut down the TOR networks and other means by which the info-dumps
> are received and transmitted? No, this cat is out of the bag. Hopefully
> Assange is smart enough to have established dead-man protocols, also.

Everything that wikileaks has accomplished could have been done completely 
anonymously, with the public never having heard the name Assange.

If you are optimizing for leaks, you don't put yourself out there.

The fact that we know his name shows that he is optimizing for something 
else.  If the government really wanted to shut Assange up, they would give 
him a record deal or a starring role in a hollywood film.

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