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Kara Saunders ksaunders_xh at hanafos.net
Fri Nov 26 03:30:56 PST 2010

From: DYNV dotnet 
Do You Need Value??? DYNV.ob has the Value.
DYNV.ob is moving mountains with the grain of a software application and doing it by adding real value to the world every day. 

Call Your Broker and tell him to get you in DYNV.ob (Dynamic Ventures Corporation) at the best value this stock may ever have..
because it’s going up just like the buildings they design and erect with ecological preservative technology and at record pace, meeting all safety and standard codes.
The bonus here is that the banks and old lenders want to hand over foreclosed properties to DYNV at disgusting prices that we would never be able to get. 
We probably will not hear about it on the news either because it’s too embarrassing for the banks. 
DYNV may already have a franchise or office in your city, which means look out! DYNV is going up in places every day. 
One quick look at their profile and you would understand. They are a real business who is here to stay and GROW! 
Go to the DYNV.net website set up by powerplay2day to learn more and see the power of their technology yourself at http://dynv.net/
Then call your broker while there are still 100’s of percentage points to be made before Christmas!!!
In fact... Call your broker and ask him "Do you Need Value too?” You know he'll say ‘YES’ (otherwise it would be him calling you about DYNV)
 then tell him to get you in before he buys for himself or his firm, because he will want a piece for himself!
Remember to go to the website for more info if the press releases don’t convince you it’s worth a few hundred or thousand shares. 
We'll see you at the top... of the Building!
Reference: DYNV listed on the Nasdaq OTC BB
Have a great holiday season.
Let’s make some big Christmas Money and then let the rest ride, baby!
 Do You Need Value???? DYNV has the value
>From Powerplay2day reference DYNV.ob
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Full Disclaimer may also be found at dynv.net website, brought to you by PowerPlay2Day.

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