[bitcoin-list] Bitcoin 0.3.17 is released

theymos theymos at mm.st
Thu Nov 25 21:36:05 PST 2010

Fixes not mentioned below:
- Due to a problem in GetMyExternalIP, it was taking 5-10 extra minutes
  to connect to the network.
- Efficiency in transaction processing while generating has been improved,
  which will reduce wasted CPU usage, especially for generators using
  several GPUs/CPUs. Some heavy GPU miners might have found themselves
  bound by CPU power.

0.3.16 (SVN revision 189) was never officially released.


Version 0.3.17 is now available.

- new getwork, thanks m0mchil
- added transaction fee setting in UI options menu
- free transaction limits
- sendtoaddress returns transaction id instead of "sent"
- getaccountaddress <account>

The UI transaction fee setting was easy since it was still there from
0.1.5 and all I had to do was re-enable it.

The accounts-based commands: move, sendfrom and getbalance <account>
will be in the next release.  We still have some more changes to
make first.


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