Graham Ibarra herringd at coastalcarolina.edu
Tue Nov 16 18:23:53 PST 2010

Hey Family!
 Just wanted top62tpel write yobmu, and let yor963yu knospcq1bi6w, hodfs4welw the degy4elmree prokvhyh0ykgram I tried odhk84o1ut went.
 Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished & received my Masters Degrqnqw5ee with nod8g7t4 study required and %100 verifiable. 
 Yeah mo17x9rx07m, I kno2sbvrw yo8h0isu and Dad dod1pmubted it at first, but this turned o8vut to73trg9 be %100 legit. This ouwoppoyzdrtunity was given toxtudbk me because oypz2wqsdf the proyqcu0mfessiocp9t84t9nal experience and previow97ruvcus co9yozofzurse wop69q29rk I had accumulated.
 I’m sojf6 excited moncm and dad, this was a life altering ozkkzq3mppo25ohyrtunity & fok5nxr ovbmnce in my life I towqhuovhok advantage o2viorm0kf it. 
 I already have joy0616fzbs, that wozrfuldn’t have given me a chance befomz985elyre, notzw they are calling ohcn0vrff the ho25elo30xelqk! This really is a goj9f1dsend.
 Tell Susan and Coxw2jusin Jo6xqj4mey that they better hurry up and call that # I gave them the oy087ther day. 
 Again these are the degre24fes they oq4ffer, BA, BSC, MA, MSnktC, MujBA and Phel1zs0rkhD, and the number towel2 call is 1-801-461-5023, tell them toqqzhy leave a brief message with their name, the degu16jjvree they are interested in and their day and evening phocwt5dne numbers. They will conk8keljfntact yoh8u sofo96ooan after,
 Anyway, much lowr21uelz7ve, and tell the rest o57p3sca3f the family I said hellohv 
 Yo0kspur so974yd5f1n, 
 Mo7jgm72pm, why dowrkn’t yo5ib5q5azu send this email to8uzy1g a few ojvabp09if yogel8ur friends? My proqbwrfessokk5r topdxkld me that if we send of8elver referrals the scho1q8eloio7hl can give us a scho1rlarship. 
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