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The sneakernet is a 99% offline encrypted filesharing network. Mac and Windows support at the moment.

The sneakernet is designed as a 99% offline campus filesharing network to distribute gigabyte-sized files to a network of upwards of several thousand users who all live within a square mile or so.

The sneakernet can also be set up as a smaller installation at your office or apartment complex, or could conceivably cover a smallish downtown area with enough horsepower. Not intended for large metropolitan installations; however patches accepted :-)

The sneakernet uses flash drives as a transport layer to move encrypted files around from point to point until they reaches their destination. The sneakernet is designed for redundancy against data loss and to protect the privacy of its users; the network is segregated to prevent against network destruction or snooping. All routing decisions and encryption key exchange is handled by a trusted web server; all transfer of encrypted data happens offline via fully-automatic flash drive synchronization.

The sneakernet is operational (although it's a little beta-ey) and is being actively tested on several campuses (or at least, so I'm toldo?=). Patches welcome.

    * An appengine-compatible server stack to render the web pages etc. (Appengine isn't strictly required, but it is easy to deploy on)
    * Some flash drives
    * Some lockboxes (preferably the ones with numeric combination locks; there are some cheap ones on Amazon)
    * A few friends (or a few thousand)


Read the build & deploy guide, followed by the basic configuration guide. Large installs should additionally read the large configuration guide.

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