yo mate

jose georgexdyg at carjunky.com
Tue Jun 1 06:45:34 PDT 2010

hi ryan...

I quit my job because now I`m making $8000-$15000 a month by "working" 4-5 hours a day :) I`ll tell you how I`m doing it because you also halped me 2 years ago when I was in need.
I found a way how to win in roulette everytime, I only bet on reds or on blacks. If you bet $1
on reds and it goes red you win $2, if it goes black you loose your $1.
So I bet $1 on reds, if it goes black I bet $3 on reds, if it goes black bet $8 on reds (I always multiple my previous lost bet around 2.5), if it AGAIN goes black bet $20 on reds, if this time it goes red I win $40.
So I bet $1 + $3 + $8 + $20 = $32  and I win $40 so I just made $8 and it took me around 2 minutes. Did someone ever paid you $8 for 2 minutes work?  If I play for 4 hours I make $300-$500, EVERYTIME. That`s why I quit my daily job.
Now all you have to do is find a casino that won`t ban you for using that system in roulette. I play here www.vipcastle7.net and for 6 months I made almost $80k. And don`t worry about casino, they make millions off jerks called "regular players" :)  You just have to download casino games, register and start playing. You`ll find roulette in "speciality games".  You can share that info but only with your friends or family. I won`t wish you luck because with that method you won`t need it, you`ll win everytime :)

best regards

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Man I heard you quit your job!! what happened?? Did you get a better offer or you won powerball?? :) 


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