Europus europus at
Fri Feb 5 22:20:38 PST 2010

On 05-Feb-10 15:08, Ted Smith wrote:

> Please stop whining and fix the problem at hand given an opportunity to
> do so.

It's my pah-ty, I can whine if I want to. BTW, how does pointing
out an issue, not qualify as fixing the problem at hand? Hmmm?

> PS: If you don't want to FOLLOW an obfuscated URL, you could just
> disable XS requests in your browser of choice, or if you wanted to be
> really l33t, Europus, netcat to the host and GET the page:

I know. The point, which you missed, was RAH sending a shortened URL.
If RAH wants to send URLs like that, he can. But he damages his own
cypherpunk street cred, with each shortened URL. Because with that
shorty URL, he makes you and me engage in labor we should not have
to engage in, if only he had sent the real (target) URL instead.

The question we need to be asking ourselves, why on earth did RAH
go to the extra effort of creating that short URL in the first
place? He's a veteran of this list, what is his angle? Or the angle
of whatever it is that has its whole arm up his ass, if he really
can't defend himself. Which he hasn't, yet. Tim May can't be blamed
for short URLs.

Do you get it now?

Even then, or shor.ty or are not guaranteed to be
available in 1, 5, 10 years. Example? and yes, it did
used to exist:*/

Can you hear me now/yet? WOULD IT HELP IF I SHOUTED?

> Does that count as "clicking"? Am I not a tr00 cypherpunk anymore?

Yes, no, and you lose. His shorty URL caused you to engage in labor
you should not have had to engage in - and you were probably exposed
to ads - or links to ads, as a result.

When will strong encryption be baked into email clients, so that
discussions like this are not necessary anymore?

> [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type application/pgp-signature which had a name of signature.asc]

And, your demimed email client sucks too.

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