Is Bell back in?

John Young jya at
Sun Aug 22 08:25:11 PDT 2010

The thoughtful update reminder of John Gilmore recently
forwarded by RH from Cryptography is apt: advanced
resistance is essential, do not succumb to the allure of
cooptation, or, as some might say, throw bigger rocks,
forgo bigger bucks. As a contrarian rich man might belabor.

Jim makes good use of his federally-financed scientific
investigation, researching, writing, seething with revenge,
beseeching the unbound to come awake from dogmatic
slumber. Another in the ancient tradition of outsider
preparing the burial ground for the numbnuts who believe
they will rule forever.

Would he have been smarter to take a job in a deadening
lab or corp to feed the maw of useless inventions or, worse,
war-killing chemicials, explosives, platforms for standoff
murder? MIT has excelled in producing such brilliant slaves
to the mighty and almighty dollar, and young Jim was
condemned by educational testing to being imprisoned
as an obedient brain.

Chomsky, yes, Chimsky to the numbnuts, is forever on
the verge of having his parole revoked for violating
norms of obedience, except MIT needs at least one
freedom fighter to offset the tens of thousands of
highly trained cretins who welcomed Fautian fellowships
of lifetime sentences, with plenty of time to wonder what
the fuck happened to the promises made and never fulfilled.

MIT is only one of the bait and switch centers of
knowledge who recruit the young then lobotomizes
them. Jim said he was not feeling well that day so
missed the mandatory brain elision.

Jeff Gordon and lawful simians might well see that the
valiant dissident is officially neutered by 2012. Cost:
a mere 50 bucks for an inmate snitch to chasm a noggin.

A few days ago an accused Russian spy said it best, "when
I was in prison only then did I feel free, those outside do not
know they are in prison."

A lot more could be said along these lines, channeling TCM,
PGP fucked, cpunks fucked, crypto fucked, anonymizers
fucked, Tor fucked, off-shore finance fucked, anonymous
payment fucked, privacy fucked, fucking had won by 2000,
the fake versions repackaged to commercially fuck citizens
by governments, corporations, NGOs and Wikileaks.

So Jim Bell is no different than the others except he knows
he's in prison on the dole at taxpayer expense rather than
at locked up at Lockheed Martin, Intel, MS, IRS and kind.
Thanks Jeff, now eat your IRS shit.

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