Is Bell back in?

John Young jya at
Sat Aug 21 15:18:28 PDT 2010

Last heard from Jim on May 27, 2010. Said he was going to
a hearing in Tacoma. Purpose of the hearing not explained.
Parole might have been revoked. Don't quote that.

He was engaged in a determined effort to overturn his
conviction with a string of filings.

Also distributing a slew of scientific claims to a slew of
corporations and scientists developed while in the pokey.
Claimed the inventions and chemical formulas would be
Copernican in impact.

Impeccably qualified, I studied them closedly, cooked the
ingredients, punched the results, hawked the output to
vultures at In-Tel-Q for 200K or so -- could of been NASA
or ONR or IDA or Lincoln Lab or Iran or North Korea or
the Chinese tor-blasting Wiki-fucking-Leaks, I'm still smoked
from the centrifuge blow-up.

Ding his cell. Jeff will record.

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