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Wed Aug 18 20:30:58 PDT 2010

On 08/18/2010 05:21 AM, Jerry Leichter wrote:
> Yesterday I asked about Haystack, an anti-censorship system that appears
> to exist mainly as newspaper articles.  So today I ran across another
> system, which appears to be real:  Collage
> (,
> developed by a group at Georgia Tech and to be presented at Usenix.  On
> a crypto level, unlike Haystack, Collage is nothing new:  It uses
> steganographic techniques to hide text in photos.  What it contributes
> is easy to use software for both embedding and extracting the data,
> integrated with Flickr.

Unlike haystack - this software appears to be real and to have
contributed something useful to the field of anti-censorship. Impressive

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