attack of the drones

John Young jya at
Thu Oct 29 10:49:36 PDT 2009

Eugen is right, the drones are targeted by coodinates
not by sight. Sight (or video) is used to spot the target,
then the target's coordinates are input to the data
collection, then the operator extracts the coordinates
to aim the missile, then the missile takes over.

The drone may have moved several miles away by then
but the missile will hammer to the coordinates. Time delay
makes no difference.

Sometimes the target;s coordinates are triangulated by
one or more drones, and maybe confirmation by a satellite,
to refine the coordinates for a smaller hit circle. But that is
done only if the target is stationary, one on the move may
be targeted very quickly, and tracked visually to confirm
the hit, to cheers in the USA.

These visual assassinations are what gives hard-ons at
CIA HQ (and wherever else they are piped to), sometimes
shown during lunch at the director's private dining room,
7th floor corner suite -- the kitchen's ventilation ducts and
burn-bag chimney adjacent make a nice target for payback.

Imagine the surprise if a counter or rogue drone did at Langley
what they do in AFPAK to people watching TV over dinner.

There do not appear to be anti-missile batteries at Langley
like those in DC and MD to protect POTUS aircraft. Could
be they are obscured in the public sat photos.

More likely security by obscurity is trumped by vanity that
nobody could do what the US does, well, excepting 9/11.

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