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J.A. Terranson measl at
Wed Jun 3 16:41:16 PDT 2009

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009, Sarad AV wrote:

> Hi,
> it has been some time since both gmail and yahoo has introduced this 
> (Mark as unread) feature in their webmail access.
> if your mail account has been compromised (someone else figures your 
> password), then the attacker can at will read your unread mail and then 
> mark it as unread. When the 'mark as read' option was not available, a 
> successful attacker would have to delete the unread email to do avoid 
> detection, but then the sender will at some point of time inform the 
> recipient about the mail that he never received.
> In both cases, the attacker can still read all the mails already read by 
> the recipient but if the recipient has the habit of deleting(including 
> trash) immediately after reading the mail, it helps the attacker to have 
> a mark as unread option. As soon as the mail arrives, the attacker reads 
> it and marks it as unread. Then the recipient gets to read it and he 
> will immediately delete it.
> as far as mail clients such as Outlook goes, I think if it is deleted 
> from webmail, it will not appear in your Outlook mail client (not sure, 
> someone can confirm this). It may be better for security if there is no 
> unread option.

So far,so good:I agree with both your opinions and analysis in support 
thereof. Unfortunately, I believe that every major reader (from PINE up) 
has the complained about functionality (I may very well be wrong here: 
FD). I routinely use this on PINE as a sorting measure (a way to force a 
re-read later on down the road)

> Moreover, Gmail allows you to see the last login ip to your email and 
> the current session ip's but that won't help if the attacker is from the 
> same organization (with a lot of computers connecting through the same 
> public ip) that you use to access your email.
> Comments?

The only was I see any reasonable change of chaning this [fairly common] 
behaviour is with an RFC. Willing write one?  Ill be happy to co-author, 
but there needs to be a primary.

> Thank you,
> Sarad.


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