The New Paranoia: Hedge-Funders Are Bullish on Gold, Guns, and Inflatable Lifeboats

coderman coderman at
Sun Jan 18 18:01:40 PST 2009

On Sun, Eugen Leitl <eugen at> wrote:
> On Sun, John Young wrote:
>> Gold won't be worth shit in a collapse. Those with guns won't
> Depends on the level of collapse. Cheap gold jewelry was ok
> during the Argentina collapse.

in a collapse the only thing worth shit is food and water; you can can
find shelter with the previous two.

to the extent that shiny stuff is fungible with food and water it is
useful.  if you're really bearish a market for sustenance will not

> Mad Max could happen, and it's high-outcome, but the probability
> is quite low.

guns and brute gangs as catalyst for fungible trade is left as an
exercise for the reader.  note that death is a perfectly acceptable
payment for either party :)

... in any case, i always preferred the bifurcated breakdown in Battle
Angel Alita for my vision of futuristic deconstruction ... *grin*

maybe this is all theatrical suggestion to encourage a bottom sooner
rather than later.  compared to savage collapse and descent into
madness, we're not quite so bad off?  think i'll buy some stock!

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