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2009/1/16 Eugen Leitl <eugen at>:
> With Internet snooping and censorship now in place in most countries,
> what are you doing about it?
> Gone apathetic, moved on greener pastures?
> Enterprising squirrels want to know.

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Maybe we need something like Echelon Day, but with the intent of
overloading the Internet filters.  A small script/program should do it -
just a simple HEAD of websites on the filter list, maybe setting the
user agent to something meaningful like 'NoCensorship2009!'.

A HEAD will mean that we're not downloading actual content, but it would
still be wise to ensure that URLs are not _illegal_, just blocked.

(Obviously, this will depend on the filtering scheme in your part of the

This only addresses the technical side of things, the social/political
bit is somewhat harder ...

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