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Fri Apr 24 10:39:13 PDT 2009

the deal with pcos and carbs

i really really need my bedroom to be simple and uncluttered and white for calming purposes you know what i mean

i was born in orange county where my parents had lived in the same house for like 20 years they had both lived in so cal all their lives 

like this one for instance my older brother uploaded it while reminiscing about the old buggie he rebuilt in the 80s 

i never thought life would then take me to utah to attend byu and then off to serve as a missionary for a year and a half but it did and it was hardest most surprising most rewarding experience of my life

more earrings get yours here

well as it turns out it was me who needed her the most i think if the test of the greatest among us is the one who will be the servant than penny wins in this houseok animal peoplei get it i really really get it

she is my best babysitter for cate she takes turns with me putting cate to bed and being her pillow 

and then suddenly and to my surprise i met and married the man i had no idea i was dreaming of but he was perfect for me and better than anything i had imagined or sought after before

acre of land is my favorite song of his 

from the spring/summer 09 toast catalog 

and the dishes she cleans for me i dont even have to rinse before putting things in the dishwasher anymore and how warm she keeps my toesies while im sitting at the desk working on the computer who needs slippers it seems her only desire in life is to be close to us and all she asks for is an occasional pet and some food and water truly my lowest maintenance friend

when cate is too scared to go downstairs penny will go with her and everything is all right she lets cate dress her up for weddings or try to ride her or pull her by the tail almost daily and even knowing the torture she will soon endure she gets so excited when cate gets home from school

do you have to be obsessed with yarn and needles and hooks like i am to think that is the most inviting little space youve ever seen 

snacks NUTS i would die without nuts i love roasted almonds cashews peanuts i also love those roasted edamame they taste like nuts even though theyre not and nuts taste really good with a few slices of swiss cheese also deli meat slices celery with peanut butter on it a few whole grain crackers with cheese beef jerky sugar free snack packs stuffed mushrooms hard boiled eggs string cheese protein bars crudites and more NUTS 

but we feel more blessed and amazed than ever at lifes unexpected twists and turns and how happy we are that there is a loving heavenly father that understands the little picture we have in our minds for our lives and gently and lovingly helps us change our vision to a masterpiece i really love life 

i will i will i will please hold me accountable if you dont see the results posted next week the inspiration pieces

i swear nothing makes me happier than a peaceful space and some needles 

grant and i listened and danced to his music on valentines day 

but the pattern is still available

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