Big Brother UK part XVII

Steve Schear s.schear at
Fri Nov 7 18:39:40 PST 2008

At 05:58 AM 11/5/2008, Eugen Leitl wrote:
>Internet black boxes to record every email and website visit
>Internet "black boxes" could be used to record every email and website visit
>made by computer users in Britain, it has been reported.

>One delegate at the meeting told the Independent: "They said they only wanted
>to return to a position they were in before the emergence of internet
>communication, when they were able to monitor all correspondence with a
>police suspect. The difference here is they will be in a much better position
>to spy on many more people on the basis of their internet behaviour. Also
>there's a grey area between what is content and what is traffic. Is what is
>said in a chat room content or just traffic?"
>Ministers have said plans for the database have not been confirmed, and that
>it is not their intention to introduce monitoring or storage equipment that
>will check or hold the content of emails or phonecalls on the traffic.

It will be interesting to see how they respond to private VPNs with 
constantly encrypted (filled) traffic)


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