[Comp-neuro] 3-yr (Neurobiology, Cognition, & Behavior) Post-Doc Opportunity

Goodwin, Andrew R NWP Andrew.R.Goodwin at usace.army.mil
Tue Nov 4 09:21:03 PST 2008

   Post-Doc Opportunity in Neurobiology, Cognition, and Behavior

   Research: Decoding/forecasting individual and group movement patterns
   in complex (urban) landscape environments through multi-agent modeling
   incorporating multi-modal sensory perception/integration, cognition,
   and decision-making at the individual level.  Organization: U.S. Army
   Engineer Research & Development Center (Environmental Lab), Cognitive
   Ecology & Ecohydraulics Team.  Salary: $55,000-65,000 / yr.  Location:
   Portland, Oregon.  Length: ~3 yrs (Spring 2009 - September 2011).
   Degree Required: Ph.D. or equivalent.  Skills Required: one or more of
   the following at the individual (human or animal) level: neurobiology,
   mathematical psychology, quantitative analysis of behavior, cognitive
   ecology, signal processing, time-series forecasting, intelligent
   software agents, game theory, multi-modal sensory integration,
   cognitive decision making.  Intellectual Interests: perception,
   cognition, decision-making, individual/group/collective behavior,
   real-world social/asocial environments, math/algorithms, modeling.
   Project Details: This basic research project is focused on developing
   new theory and algorithms necessary to support development of a
   multi-agent simulation tool for decoding/forecasting the movement
   patterns of individuals and small groups in highly complex urban
   environments.  The Post-Doc will lead research and development of new
   theory and algorithms integrating the latest knowledge in multi-modal
   sensory perception/integration, cognition, learning, and adaptation
   into intelligent software agents that will form an
   Eulerian-Lagrangian-agent method (ELAM) model (see
   [1]http://el.erdc.usace.army.mil/emrrp/nfs/elam.html ).  The Post-Doc
   is expected to be adept at learning and integrating knowledge from a
   wide variety of scientific disciplines.

   Contact: Interested candidates should email (w/subject header:
   "Terrain ELAM Post-Doc") a 2-page version of your curriculum vitae to
   Andy.Goodwin at us.army.mil


   1. http://el.erdc.usace.army.mil/emrrp/nfs/elam.html

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