[gsc] Raven?

R.A. Hettinga rah at shipwright.com
Sat May 3 07:34:38 PDT 2008

On May 3, 2008, at 9:42 AM, onea wrote:

> Raven has died, see JOG (Orlin Grabbe) a few days ago. Everybody was
> aware of the identical identity of those 2 scumsters.

Holy shit. I never knew that.

Two Orlin stories.


One of my old .sig lines,

Lesley Stahl: "You mean *anyone* can set up a web site and compete
                with the New York Times?"
Andrew Kantor: "Yes."
Stahl:         "Isn't that dangerous?"

Comes from a 60 Minutes piece she did on, among other people, Orlin.  
Seems fitting, by way of an epitaph, for him, and a certain era of the  
internet, now new and improved, with extra added irony.

Lots of people like him, and me, and, heh, others on these lists :-),  
were screeding away about cryptography, and anarchy, and capitalism,  
and crypto-anarchy, and anarcho-capitalism, and... well, you get the  
idea. The screeds are still out there, but the rubble stopped bouncing  
on that particular intellectual earthquake a long time ago. Still  
true, obviously, as Orlin would, I will tell you, but it's certainly  
not new anymore.


I remember Orlin at a party Black Unicorn threw at Cap Jaluca here in  
Anguilla for FC, FC98, I think. Big guy, smoking a Cuban cigar, wore  
black, though it *was* at night. Barely talked to him at all, but he  
seemed nice enough at the time. Black Unicorn had handed out Groucho  
glasses, and the cigars were part of the, heh, pseudonymous theme.

Strange times, indeed. We all thought we were on the vanguard of a  
revolution. We were, but it turned out not to be our revolution,  
apparently. That time. :-)


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