[gsc] Trubanc Web Client Public Beta

Bill St. Clair billstclair at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 10:46:02 PST 2008

I've been working since late July on Trubanc, an anonymous,
digitally-signed vault and trading system. Inspired by Patrick
Chkeroff's Loom.cc, but with digital signatures for security. The
first version of a web client is available for beta testing. Check it
out. Send me email to get a coupon with the usage tokens you need to

Site: http://trubanc.com/
Announcement: http://billstclair.com/blog/trubanc_web_client_public_beta.html
Client: http://trubanc.com/client/
Client docs: http://trubanc.com/client.html

Technical stuff

Protocol description: http://trubanc.com/plain-english.html
Protocol and database details: http://trubanc.com/viewtext.php?file=doc/db.txt
Client database details: http://trubanc.com/viewtext.php?file=doc/client.txt
Source viewer: http://trubanc.com/viewtext.php
Git archive: http://repo.or.cz/w/Trubanc.git

It's open source. Please review for security if you're inclined and  

Mine is a US-based testing and development server only. Hopefully,
servers with real assets, hosted in financial-privacy-respecting
countries, will follow shortly, maybe run by some of you.


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