Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of USA

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Wed Dec 3 01:30:36 PST 2008

Me, I've been hoping for a breakup for a long time ("the break up will be

I'm so f*ckin' sick and tired of having our coastal tax dollars pumped out and
into the red hillbilly states who refuse to comprehend the realities of global
competitiveness and the need for innovation.

Red-state foreign policy is always looking for an enemy so as to justify the
money-pump into their military bases, defense contractors and infrastructure.
(Indeed, for me it is all summed up by how red-state American voted back in
03: They voted for Bush who would be "tough on terrorists" even though we in
NYC, who were actually attacked, didn't, and even though there's no chance in
hell of the terrorists blowing up Texarkana, AK or wherever...that let's you
know they ain't lettin' go of the golden goose...)

God I hope the coasts break off...or at least, let's stop giving any federal
tax money to the red states and see how they get on. Who knows? Maybe crystal
meth will be a growth industry in the 21st century and they can convert
themselves into a powerhouse economy.

Maybe Lincoln made a mistake...


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> More doomsday theories.
> I don't think anyone has any clue on what will happen.
> Sarad.
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> > Geodesic America?
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