Dreams can cost less repl1ca w4tches from r0lex here

Brandon Mccracken cypherpunks at jfet.org
Fri Oct 26 02:52:15 PDT 2007

V4cheron Const4ntin has been producing top of the line Swiss w4tches
since 1755. That's a lot of years of w4tch making, if you ask me!
That's why I figured that they've had plenty of time to make their
fortune by selling their w4tches at full price, and it is now time we can
get ourselves a V4cheron Const4ntin for a fraction of the price. That's
why I visited Prest1ge Repl1cas, the online store that specializes in the
best repl1ca w4tches in the whole world, and sells them for just a
couple of hundred bucks. As you can imagine, at Prest1ge Repl1cas I
found dozens of beautiful V4cheron Const4ntin repl1cas in their most
sought after models, at prices that are simply unbeatable. Want to see
their collection of V4cheron Const4ntins? Head over to Prest1ge
Repl1cas now!

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