Russia Orders 'Immediate' Purge Of All Windows Computers

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Just in time for Halloween, another blast from the past: That Old Windows
Back Door Trick.

Now with extra-added crypto-cryptofluffy (once-removed), the obligatory
mention of Adi and Nicko, *and* new-improved internet-is-a-weapon-system
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One man's former-research-network-(heh)-cum-"commerce-platform" is
another's threat to national security, don'tchaknow...


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Russia Orders 'Immediate' Purge Of All Windows Computers As Virus Fears Grow

October 24, 2007
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports circulating within President Putin's Security Council are stating
that a 'redline' of Russias Information Security Doctrine has been crossed
and that the 'potential' for massive cyber attacks against the military
infrastructure of both the Russian and Chinese Military Forces 'appears' to
be imminent.

According to these reports, the Security Council's fears are based in one
of the most destructive computer viruses ever unleashed upon the World, and
as we can read as confirmed by Britain's Guardian Unlimited News Service in
their article titled  "In millions of Windows, the perfect Storm is
gathering", and which says:

"A spectre is haunting the net but, outside of techie circles, nobody seems
to be talking about it. The threat it represents to our security and
wellbeing may be less dramatic than anything posed by global terrorism, but
it has the potential to wreak much more havoc. And so far, nobody has come
up with a good idea on how to counter it."

As freighting as this new, and devastating, computer virus may be, however,
and, again, according to these reports, the origination of this 'perfect
storm' gathering around the Worlds computer systems appears to have its
origination with the United States National Security Agency (NSA), and
which has been long known to have installed in the Windows Operating System
a 'back door', and as we can read from these American reports:

"In a recently-leaked secret memo, written in October 2005, President
George Bush authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to "employ all of
its tools and skills" to enhance the security of Microsoft Windows XP."

"Between Hotmail hacks and browser bugs, Microsoft has a dismal track
record in computer security. Most of us accept these minor security flaws
and go on with life.

But how is an IT manager to feel when they learn that in every copy of
Windows sold, Microsoft may have installed a 'back door' for the National
Security Agency (NSA - the USA's spy agency) making it orders of magnitude
easier for the US government to access their computers?

While investigating the security subsystems of WindowsNT4, Cryptonym's
Chief Scientist Andrew Fernandes discovered exactly that - a back door for
the NSA in every copy of Win95/98/NT4 and Windows2000. Building on the work
of Nicko van Someren (NCipher), and Adi Shamir (the 'S' in 'RSA'), Andrew
was investigating Microsoft's "CryptoAPI" architecture for security flaws.
Since the CryptoAPI is the fundamental building block of cryptographic
security in Windows, any flaw in it would open Windows to electronic

It is, also, important to remember that the Internet is a creation of the
United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and as
such is considered by both the Russian and Chinese Military to be a
'weapons system' that must be defended against.

Though both the Russian and Chinese military structures operate
independently of the Internet, preferring for security reasons to employ
what are called 'closed systems', the concerns of the Security Council are
for the thousands of laptops currently utilized by Military Officers, of
both countries, and operating on the Windows system.

These reports further state that both Russian and Chinese Military
Authorities have ordered an 'immediate' end to use of all computing systems
utilizing the Windows operating system for fear of their being infected
with this devastating new virus.

To the greatest concern, however, of these reports is their stating that
the purpose of this new virus currently infecting the World's computer
systems is twofold; with the first being the United States ability to
enhance it supercomputing power by distributing its workload among,
literally, millions of unsuspecting computers, and the second being their
ability in the outbreak of Total War to cease all of these computers from

As to the timing of the United States War Leaders unleashing this horrific
computer virus upon the World the answer, perhaps, lies in the words of
President Bush himself, and as Turkish Military Forces have begun their
bombing and invasion of Iraq they are words we should listen to:

"United States President George W Bush revealed on October 17 that he's
"told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems
like you ought to be interested in preventing them [Iran] from having the
knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon".

Man has never before in his bloody history waged preemptive war against the
spread of knowledge. The nearest he came was with the Inquisition when he
insisted knowledge was heresy. But when Bush warns of preemptive war, it
must be taken seriously. With a world war on its doorstep, Turkey is coming
under enormous pressure to take sides."

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