Prest1ge Repl1cas Offer variety repl1ca w4tches

Sara Ashby cypherpunks at
Tue Oct 23 03:02:16 PDT 2007

Looking for something special to brighten your life? Then, sparkle in
Ch0pard! Nothing illuminates a woman's wrist or whisper "money"
above a man's hand like a Ch0pard w4tch can. Of course, affording
a legitimate Ch0pard is only for the rich. But who cares! Thanks to
Prest1ge Repl1cas you can dazzle your friends with one of the latest
Ch0pard models, at a fraction of the regular price. How? By getting a
repl1ca w4tch, of course! With hundreds of timepieces in stock, and
a tempting 15 percent discount when you buy two or more, Prest1ge
Repl1cas is the answer to that secret desire for a Ch0pard. Get yours now!

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