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   Computer and behavioral scientists at the University of Buffalo are
   developing a system that will allow authorities to track faces,
   voices, bodies and various other biometrical data to create a score
   for how likely an individual is to commit a terrorist act. Sound like
   the scariest Big Brother plot since China's [2]ID card scheme? Well,
   rest assured, Winston Smith, the researchers only have your best
   interests in mind. "The goal is to identify the perpetrator in a
   security setting before he or she has the chance to carry out the
   attack," says Venu Govindaraju, professor of computer science and
   engineering at the university, who was recently awarded $800,000 by
   the National Science Foundation to create such a system. "We are
   developing a prototype that examines a video in a number of different
   security settings, automatically producing a single, integrated score
   of malfeasance likelihood," adding that the system will incorporate
   machine "learning" capabilities, which will allow it to adapt over
   time. "Human screeners have fatigue and bias, but the machine does not
   blink," the researcher said, just before remarking that he was late
   for an appointment at the Ministry of Truth.

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