Hello dear!

July K. delgado at reftrade.com
Wed May 9 10:45:37 PDT 2007

Hi, my dear friend

A woman is not an object or a trophy, a woman is a living person, with 
feelings, with a heart that beats, with a soul that is hungry for love, for 
life, for recognition and a mind that aspires to have its place in the 
Every person has to realize their dreams, you have to realize yours, I have 
to understand the dream and help you reach your dream you will love me for 
being always behind you and always catching you when you fall or when you 
are down, this is what you should expect of a woman and this is absolutely 
the only way that you could be happy, of that, I am totally certain.
Honestly, the first letter should be enough to have a feeling if someone is 
meant for someone and if the person is serious this is not only because the 
first impression counts, but because the first letter shows the true person 
and the true person is the person you will live with, the person you will 
love and who will love you with incredible respect, incredible passion, 
incredible love.
I hope you liked my letter, and if you are interested in my please let me 
know http://myheartinlove.com/darling

So long

July K

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