[gsc] they're after the gold

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at hotmail.com
Sat May 5 00:54:37 PDT 2007

Hopefully they read Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon and stashed big chunks 
of that gold overseas.

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>Subject: [gsc] they're after the gold
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>   Subject: [gsc] they're after the gold
>   Asset forfeiture laws have turned U.S. justice system into the biggest
>   organized crime syndicate on the planet.
>      Adam
>   78. As a result of the offenses alleged in Counts One and Three of this
>   indictment, the defendants E-GOLD, LTD... shall forfeit to the United 
>   any property... including, but not limited to all precious metals, 
>   gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, that "back" the e-metal 
>   currency of the E-GOLD operation, wherever located.
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>"... however it may deserve respect for its usefulness and antiquity,
>[predicting the end of the world] has not been found agreeable to
>experience." -- Edward Gibbon, 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'

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