Slightly OT: 'Big brother' surveillance makes waves in Sweden

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Fri Mar 9 20:58:16 PST 2007

Almost On Topic (related, anyway):

"A far-reaching wiretapping programme proposed by Sweden's government to
defend against foreign threats, including monitoring emails and telephone
calls, has stirred up a fiery debate in the past few weeks, with critics
decrying the creation of a "big brother" state.

The new legislation, to be presented to parliament on Thursday, would enable
the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) to tap all Internet and
telephone communication in and out of Sweden."

Beware, people of Sweden, and the west in general. Very good reason to use Tor
right there.

More Slightly Off-Topic:

FRA is visiting websites with information about Tor. And they are not using
Tor to do it (Yes, I realize the Xiando Total Surveillance Office is evil.
But you guys are using Tor, aren't you?)

(Please don't reply to this unless you absolutely have to, this isn't
immensily Tor-related, only something which makes a very good argument when
you're explaining Why You Should Use Tor within Sweden - and the west in

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