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Subject: Data retention in Europe
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 21:56:14 +0100
From: Erich M. <me at quintessenz.org>
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Concerning your posting on the upcoming data retention laws in the US
here is some news on the same topiq all over europe that might be of
interest. [pls see links to the doqumentation below]

By 2007/08 the new EU "directive on the retention of data ... in ...
publicly available electronic communications services or of public
communications networks"  requires all EU countries to turn their
existing data protection laws upside down.

Traffic data [who calls whom when where / who uses which IP address when
etc.] currently have to be deleted when no longer needed for technical
and billing purposes by the network operator. That is the gist of all
current data protection laws all over Europe: storage of communications
traffic data without the citizen's consent is until now explicitly

The data retention directive says: A large amount of traffic data from
telephone networks and the internet must be stored by network operators
now for a period of up to two years.The timing depends on national
decision. England, France, Ireland, Poland and Sweden have all in all
shown their least respect to privacy and the rights of the individual

Interestingly the EU hardliners are a mix of social-democrat and
conservative governments. A meeting of authoritarian and populist
politicians  from both sides of the spectrum ...

In some EU countries with strong data protection laws like Germany there
has been fierce and ongoing opposition. Chambers of commerce, ISPAs and
About 10.000 people already have signed in to challenge the upcoming
German data retention law for violating the German constitution. The
Austrian government is neither in favour of changing core data
protection laws that have been enacted only a few years ago.

quintessenz has doqumented how this dangerous and much debated directive
was rushed through various bodies of the EU. The roots of this directive
can be traced back to the "Convention on Cybercrime by the Council of
Europe [COE] and to the G/7 summits of the late nineties.

EU Data Retention - doqumentation, news and links


Key doquments on "the making of" data retention 1997 - 2006



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