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Thu Jan 25 10:22:52 PST 2007

On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 09:17:35AM -0800, Peter Thoenen wrote:

> > I'm no longer running an exit because I got tired to
> > be harassed by the police.

Well, being harassed is perhaps overstating it; but since sever
other local Tor operators got their (domestic) node seized, and
since my last fax/phone contact with the Bundeskriminalamt
investigator was about kiddie pr0n I decided to not risk
getting my domestic equipment confiscated -- I need it for work.
(Also, getting police in your domestic space is never pleasant,
I'm told, especially if you share it with innocent third parties).
Call me yellow, I guess.

On the plus side I'm running a middleman now, and with a better
physical security that would have been possible in an anonymous
colo (the node suddenly acted very throttled, but the hosters
denied it was that, and local transfers were not affected, I wasn't
still sure whether the node was tapped, the limit being VPN
capacity to some central data gathering place).

> I will never understand what is up with Germany and anonymity.  I have
> been running an exit node here in the US for about 2 years and never so
> much as received a complaint from my ISP, teh RIAA, or LEO.

While no longer the remote-control puppets of totalitarian times, the local
folks tend to have a touching belief into authority, which is perhaps
a (slowly fading) national trait. Other places vary widely, England
is perhaps similiar, Ireland quite different. I could imagine many former
Eastern Block countries are also a bit on the authoritarian side.

In any case there has been some very ominous developments lately in
the Eurozone, especially U.K. and Germany. I'm keeping track of it,
which perhaps should be summarized in a special page, and piped through

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