another DARPA initiative: "Urban Reasoning and Geospatial

Ross Stapleton-Gray ross at
Mon Jan 22 12:16:02 PST 2007

Exploitation Technology (URGENT)"

DARPA is planning a brief to industry on another new initiative,
"Urban Reasoning and Geospatial Exploitation Technology (URGENT)":

In a nutshell, "We've got baseline models for what the ground looks
like in urban environments; we can use air- and spaceborne imagery
and radar to figure out where person-sized objects are against that."

According to the published synopsis, "The URGENT goal is to achieve a
100x increase in analyst productivity with equal or better accuracy
compared to the unassisted human image analyst."

Looking at the DoD solicitations over the past several years, there's
been a great deal of emphasis on sensors/analysis aimed at detection/
tracking of individuals; not at all surprising (e.g., focusing on
insurgents, and not Soviet tanks), but worth keeping in mind, vis-a-
vis the issues of civilian surveillance and privacy/anonymity/freedom
of association/assembly in our republic.


Ross Stapleton-Gray, Ph.D.
Stapleton-Gray & Associates, Inc.

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