cracking DES in 2007 ? Followup question RE: digital cable

coderman coderman at
Mon Jan 22 02:09:14 PST 2007

On 1/21/07, Jason Arnaute <non_secure at> wrote:
> First question:
> How fast can I crack DES using a single processor,
> modern, commodity Pentium processor, circa 2007 ?

not quickly...

> Can it be done in real time ?  Are we talking four
> quad-cores CPUs or 40 quad-core CPUs (to do real
> time)?

exhaustive search in 9 days for < $10,000 is pretty good.  you'll
solve twice as fast on average.  :)

see for details.

> Is there anything about what is being used here that
> would make it not related to, or not applicable to,
> the method and expense of cracking "DES" as discussed
> above?

maybe! *grin*
(in practice there are a dozen easier ways to get the same
signal/picture with much less effort)

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