cracking DES in 2007 ? Followup question RE: digital cable

Jason Arnaute non_secure at
Sun Jan 21 16:51:03 PST 2007

First question:

How fast can I crack DES using a single processor,
modern, commodity Pentium processor, circa 2007 ?

Any comments on speeding it up using a GPU ?

Can it be done in real time ?  Are we talking four
quad-cores CPUs or 40 quad-core CPUs (to do real

Second question:

How relevant are the questions (and their answers)
above to this:

This is the standard used to encrypt digital
television as they travel from the cable company to
the customers set top box.  From what I understand,
the standard is NOT triple-DES, but just normal DES.

Is there anything about what is being used here that
would make it not related to, or not applicable to,
the method and expense of cracking "DES" as discussed

Any comments about any of this are appreciated.

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