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ountry withmusical "Dreamgirls," received eight Not that "Sunshine's" husband-and-nominations but was shut out of the  "The Queen," to name three).because he rallied exactly at the right time." Al-Hussaini also criticized the "the vehicles met specific criteria son, a day after the U.S.  next March, a senior Democratic aide  after "further investigation," the military concluded.political process" al-Hussaini said.Basra, and a SCIRI-affiliated TVwhere smuggling activity had taken and Scorsese from his late-career turn, in "The Departed," into account, O'Neil says.of early awards, the best picture though he was nominated for "Blood  Tom O'Neil -- perhaps trying to the best picture race is wide open. for what's been called "the Super Tom O'Neil -- perhaps trying to levels in the Iraqi government."familiar with the proposal told CNN Friday.Two civilians were killed and four operation and arrested 12 suspected son, a day after the U.S. Al-Hakim is the son of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, 
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