New digital bearer cash site launched (was Re: money mixes)

Steve Schear s.schear at
Wed Feb 21 14:14:56 PST 2007

At 01:43 PM 2/21/2007, R.A. Hettinga wrote:
>I still hold out hope for digital bearer transactions being cheaper than
>book entries, particularly as transaction settlement times trend towards
>zero, but gaming the system old-school, with book-entry shells, and mixes,
>and hops, or whatever, only works for so long, anymore.

[I submitted this for posting on the Cryptography list, 
cryptography at, but it has not yet appeared]

With the expiration of Chaum's key patents it was assumed that someone 
would step up an try their hand at launching a DBC-based financial 
service.  Some time has passed and I'm happy to announce that this has 
finally happened.  Taking a cue from the lively Digital Gold Currencies, 
eCache's first denomination if gold backed.  Unlike Digicash's instruments, 
eCache is using a mixing technique, rather than blinding, to help preserve 
unlinkability.  Its mint is located on a hidden server in TOR-land.  More 
information at:

Comments are invited about the technology and governance aspects that such 
financial services invoke.


PS: and Hettinga can comment about why their fees are too high :) 

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