map of tor routers

Bryan Fordham bfordham at
Tue Feb 20 14:15:49 PST 2007

   I've taken up the task creating a map of tor routers. I have a test
   image up at [1]
   So far I have a mapserver and data on tor routers in a postgis
   database, so I can produce images like the one above. Now that I've
   figured that out, I'd like some comments on how I plan to proceed.
   Basically, my idea at this point is to query a directory server once a
   day, and check for running nodes. I'll add new nodes as they appear,
   and mark ones that are no longer running. I plan to also track if they
   are stable, and an exit node.
   This way I'll be able to produce maps showing all nodes, all running
   exit nodes, and other combinations.
   Is there a better way of tracking routers?
   What else should I track?
   Other comments?
   I'm not using google maps so I can keep javascript out. I'm using UMN
   MapServer ([2] for those who are
   interested in such things. I may do a nicer UI (javascript-enabled)
   for those who aren't worried about such things.



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