inverted virtue

coderman coderman at
Mon Feb 19 21:04:51 PST 2007

i never knew Eric O'Neill got a taste of the craft and wisely
departed; breach was an entertaining reminder of the "most criminal
worldwide institution".  perhaps, like the proverbial frog in a pot,
the lucre of lies and power is subtle and sweet, betraying the
bitterness beneath gradients of incremental compromise.

A4 writes:

    Cryptome: There are no ex-spies or ex-spy agents: All remain
forever active and lie about being ex as they lie about what they did
and continue to do. There is no exit from spyworld only variations of

I read this in cryptome today and it makes me puzzled: did somebody
piss you off? Or is this the a nugget of distilled wisdom from
somebody else?


Cryptome: Spies and ex-spies are required by terms of employment and
training to lie, deceive, betray, commit crimes, and keep it secret.
If they cannot convincingly lie and break laws without getting caught
under all kinds of conditions as taught and tested in the US at the
Farm, they will not be hired. They lie to families and friends, to
everybody not in spyworld and often in spyworld too as a test and as a
duty. They are experts at appearing to be what they are not.

It is a common spy tradecraft to claim to be an ex-spy or ex-agent,
aggrieved, ready to spill secrets, their managers feigning offense,
blessing the spew by invoking national security threats, pretending
the miscreant is a rogue.

No spy or ex-spy ever tells the full story, only offers enticing tales
that mesmerize the gullible and attempts to outwit accomplished
doubters, whether other spies, agents, journalists, oversight
committees, investigative commissions or the public. None are ever
free to tell all they know, and face severe penalties if not death for
telling more selected secrets than allowed to lend credence to their
deceptions. So come the orchestrated dissenters, scholars, novelists,
confessors, professors, exposers of perfidy and anonymous leakers,
dispensing plausible disinformation purpose-made.

That's the deal spies and agents sign on to and cannot ever escape,
and are told so at the time of engagement, not that many want out of
the privileges such as that provided by the bountifully bloated US
Intelligence Community Management Fund which bribes sealed lips, most
assuredly for retirees and exes continuing to work their undercover

Anybody who claims to be a spy or ex-spy is a person unable to tell
the truth, and gets paid and pensioned for well-crafted accounts of
what is not, what to fear, what to doubt, who to distrust. Analyze the
Association For Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and
numerous similar organizations around the planet for what they tell
and what they conceal in open deception.

The pervasive lies of spyworld -- officers, agents, contractors and
overseers -- undermine and corrupt culture, language, trust, law and
government. It is the most criminal worldwide institution of the time.

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